Monday, December 7, 2009

Independence Day for Finland

December 6th was the Finnish Independence Day... a day that I missed while in Copenhagen. Yet, for this city of Helsinki as its was a grand day of concerts, events, and an official formal gala with the president and key officials with a major ball and other recognized formalities on the TV. Finland received its independence in about 1917... not yet a hundred years. If you were here, you would continue to hear of its domination for many centuries by Sweden, and its recent issues with Russia. I had not realized that part of its territory - Karelia- was taken or given to Russia with the war...and that they still grieve over the loss. Many of the original Karelians had the opportunity and often have come to Finland because of the poitical and financial issues facing Russia. How little I know of the many problems faced by other countries and peoples... how fortunate we are to not have experienced the ongoing issues of war amongst neighbors.
So, toss you hat for the Finnish Independence Day!!!


  1. Great to see some of the perspectives about the Finland,and the movement for Finland's Independence started after the revolutions in Russia, caused by the disturbances from the defeats of the First World War,and the main thing is that the Independence Day was a very solemn occasion marked by patriotic speeches and special Church services,so good event and in fact a beautiful event this is.
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